In an interview with HollywoodNews, Nick Jonas addmitted that he would love the be on the hit television show, Celebrity Apprentice.

“Q: Have you watched Celebrity Apprentice?

All three: Actually, we just met Donald Trump yesterday.

Nick Jonas: I would love to do that show.

Kevin Jonas: Nick would rule that show.

Joe Jonas: He could win in one day.

Q: Why would he be so good at that show?

Kevin Jonas: Because he is going to be the president and he knows how to work it and he’s a team leader.

Joe Jonas: I feel like I’m not saying anything against the people that are on the show. I think a lot of them have amazing businesses, but Nick knows how to run a business and I think he would do a great job at it.

Nick Jonas: Thank you.”

What do you think, would Nick win big on Celeb Apprentice?

Read the full interview here.


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